HUB Renovations serves as the technical powerhouse of Brownstone NYC, a vertically integrated, minority-owned, and operated Real Estate Company.
With a commitment to providing affordable housing to minorities, Brownstone NYC has a proven track record. Our intentional investment in neighborhoods undergoing gentrification reflects our dedication to fostering inclusive communities.
Collaboratively, HUB Renovations and Brownstone NYC have pioneered a home rehabilitation and financing strategy. Our goal is to empower minorities in creating and preserving generational wealth. Leveraging our expertise in financing and construction, we enhance property values, enabling individuals to choose to remain in their cherished neighborhoods.
Our partners, including Architects and Interior Designers, are equipped to deliver appropriate services if the project’s scale warrants it. We secure all necessary permits, such as construction, electrical, plumbing, etc., ensuring compliance with the New York State building code. Each task undergoes approval from the Department of Buildings (DOB). We adhere to a stringent quality control procedure and provide a 6 to 12-month guarantee. All finishing materials are tailored to match the client’s preferences and budget.
Services Offered:
Complete Remodel:
Transform your space with HUB Renovations and Brownstone NYC. We specialize in major remodeling projects, offering expertise in both vertical extensions (adding floors) and horizontal extensions (building additional units). Elevate your property with our comprehensive remodeling services.
Kitchen Renovation:
Upgrade your kitchen with us. We handle everything, from removing existing cabinets and floors to proposing new layouts. We seamlessly replace old appliances with new ones, ensuring a fresh and modern kitchen space tailored to your needs.
Bathroom Renovation:
Revamp your bathroom with our skilled team. We expertly remove old installations, redesign layouts for optimal space utilization, and guide you in selecting modern fixtures, bathtubs, and tiles. Our meticulous installation process includes applying a leakproof seal for lasting quality.
Roof Repair:
Trust HUB Renovations for effective roof repairs. We employ industry-approved methods and techniques to level the roof, install new insulation, and apply a rubber seal, ensuring your roof performs efficiently to prevent leaks. Rely on us for reliable and durable solutions.


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