Purchase New Property

At Brownstone NYC we have honed our reputation by consistently capturing the real estate growth opportunities in New York City while also promoting economic equity and racial equality in our culturally rich neighborhoods: Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. For those clients looking to purchase a new property, we follow a tried and true process that maximizes value.

The steps are:

  • We determine if you are prequalified using the monthly payment you can afford.

  • Provide you with a list of options (i.e. locations and property types).

  •  After, we conduct due diligence on the property and determine customization scope

  • Then the Contract is signed and BNYC recommends a bank based on your profile.

  • The Mortgage financing begins.

  • The house is purchased, after which customization kicks off .

  • Finally the house keys are handed over to you after customization is complete.

Your customized home can be move-in ready in as short as 4-6 months! We have internal teams that manages sourcing, client relations, execution, construction, property managements, sales and rentals; thereby increasing your satisfaction, minimizing your risk and maximizing your home value. Only one point of contact is involved in the property acquisition process as opposed to conventional purchase that require as much as 10 different/independent parties. Enables you save at least 15% of the total amount you will spend through conventional purchase methods.