Late Stage

Our philosophy since day one has been to remain flexible in order to structure a transaction to best suit the investor’s investment goals and risk appetite. Therefore, as described above, investors looking for standardized, no special situations and less risky real estate investments, always offer the opportunity to invest once any complex transaction has passed and survived the ‘greenfield’ stage and the complexities resolved, therefore becoming a ‘brownfield’ proposition. All of these transactions, given our experience can still be sold with a sizable margin within 6-24 months.

We are able to achieve that because of our economies of scale that allow us to maintain quality control, boost marketability and increase investors returns.

BNYC manages financing, acquisition, renovation, sales and property management with an internal team thereby maximizing return on investment.

BNYC has a track record of identifying emerging trends and opportunities in the boroughs of New York City; specifically in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Westchester