Property Retention

Renovation Plan

The joint venture allows the homeowner to create more equity and realize more gains from the home in the long run. BNYC exists as a joint venture partner within 4 – 12 months.

BNYC is a sponsor for renovation and development projects, with particular emphasis on minority communities. It helps preserve minority communities and creates value for homeowners buying distressed assets and rehabilitating them.

Our renovations are completed by licensed contractors as we oversee these makeovers. We are recognized for finding solutions that allow homeowners to stay in the neighborhood and live in  a home customized to their taste, while create generational wealth in the process

We also give homeowners who are unable to afford the cost of renovation but want to create more equity, the opportunity to enter into a joint venture with Brownstone NYC. The joint venture is a seamless process that allows BNYC to fill in the financial gap for the homeowner and execute the project in the desired time period.