Early Stage

BNYC creates a customized investment approach to suit short-term and long-term investment appetite, we offer those interested investors access to ‘greenfield’ investments at the early stage of the acquisition, before ‘de-risking’ and stabilizing the transaction into a standard acquisition/renovation-development/ sale or rent.

BNYC has Exclusive access to off-market properties through reverse inquiry. Our origination edge is proven through owners coming to us for solutions given our extensive local network. We source real estate transactions through estate sales, foreclosures, short sales, lien sales or other special situations.

We generally acquire assets that can be resold at a high profit margin within 3-14 months.

Early Stage investors show more risk appetite and therefore are able to realize the highest annualized returns, having the opportunity to exit early as we re finance the property once standardized, or stay for a longer investment term until completion of the said project